Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Teen bank robber on YouTube gives us an insight into the 'Digital Native'.

You may have heard about the teen who robbed a bank, and posted about it on YouTube. The Consumerist blog makes a good point, emphasis mine:
Here we were, under the impression that today’s tech-savvy generation of young people know all about the social media and the Interwebs. But then why would a 19-year-old allegedly rob a bank and then post a YouTube video bragging about it — wearing the same clothes she wore during the heist — and expect no one would see it? SMH, TTYL, ROFL, etc.
While kids have access to varied technologies, I'm not entirely convinced that they know how to use them effectively. From my experiences with students, it seems that their understanding of the underlying technologies is severely lacking, and as a result, they have misconceptions of how their information is used, the difference between programs and browsers, what functionality is available on a program or site, how to troubleshoot issues, and ultimately how to do new things they haven't done before. These sufficiently advanced technologies appear to be magic to these 'digital natives', and students treat them as such.

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