Thursday, February 7, 2013

MOOC Update: Slate wadding into the morass.

Will Oreums' article Online Class on How To Teach Online Classes Goes Laughably Awry on Slate is a bit too snarky for its own good. It does sum up the recent press about the course fairly well, but he does get a few things wrong;

In other words, Morrison concludes, "The honeymoon with MOOCs is over." A Twitter hashtag for the course, #foemooc, stands as a testament to the wreckage.
Most of the tweets on #foemooc are a testament to the amount or reporting about the issue, not the MOOC itself. Right after the course was canceled, there were around 30-40 tweets from students about the course. As of the writing of this, most tweets are either news organizations riding the story or Instructional Designers proclaiming the necessity of 'intelligent' (in their view) design for courses of all sizes.

The failure of a Coursera course about Coursera courses is clearly an embarrassment for company and concept alike. 
The course wasn't about Coursera courses specifically, but about online education. Sure, MOOCs fall within this, but they were not the focus of this course. This turn of phrase may be witty, but is inaccurate.

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