Thursday, November 14, 2013

It's been a year?!

In looking at some previous posts, it seems that this last November 12th was the 1-year anniversary of this blog! In this last year I've learned quite a bit about blogging, and made some changes:

  • Got rid of tagged articles in my RSS feed creating full posts. Initially this was pretty helpful, but I found that it clogged things up. I still do this for jobs I find.
  • Incorporated a semi-consistent Monday MOOC News feature. I've been trying to write this each week and have many, many drafts of this feature that only have one or two links, that don't say much. 
  • Failed at posting a weekly article about my teaching. I still like this idea, and may try it again Winter Term. Sharing the challenges of teaching as an Adjunct is important, not just for the therapeutic aspects, but also to explain to others what it is we do, and how higher education is changing.
If you have any suggestions for the blog, articles, formats, or anything else, feel free to comment below. I am always looking for news sources, blogs, articles, and papers, so link to those as well.

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