Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Worksheet Wednesdays - Sequences and Series In-Class Activities

This is the inaugural post of Worksheet Wednesdays where I will post some of the worksheets, in-class activities, quizzes, and other assessment items I have develop in teaching college mathematics courses. Today will be a twofer, two in-class activities for my Calculus III course.

I have students start in-class activities during class, but they are free to complete them afterwards. In order to receive credit for completing them I have them show it to me before the next test. When they do I usually go over it with them, providing for some 1-on-1 feedback and developing a repertoire with them. So far this has worked out well for three of my classes, but as I write this it is only Week 2 so that may change. Anyway, on to the worksheets!

Monotonic and Bounded - This activity walks students through a variety of sequences and introduces the idea of monotonic and bounded sequences. They then classify each of those sequences as monotonic and bounded and then see if these sequences are convergent. Students should identify the pattern that all sequences that are monotonic and bounded are convergent, but it is not necessary for a convergent sequence to be monotonic or bounded.

Integral Test - From lecture it was clear that students' integration skills were a bit rusty, if not a bit poor. Thus I created this in-class activity to get students to practice their indefinite, definite, and improper integration skills, and to use the integral test of convergence of a series. There are a few curve balls, and we had a good discussion of how to deal with them.

If you have any feedback, or if you use these worksheets, let me know! Feel free to post a comment below, or email me directly.

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