Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Worksheet Wednesday - Calculus Quizzes Part I

This week I'll be sharing a few quizzes from my 5-credit Calculus I course that meets three days a week. I have students complete a daily quiz that contains fairly simple questions about the material covered in the previous lecture. My intent is to make sure students put in time daily to practice the material and struggle with concepts in the course. So far it has worked fairly well, students seem more capable this term, they understand the expectations I have of them, and their performance on tests is exceptional. I will be doing some rudimentary comparisons of this class with my previous Calc I, so stay tuned for that.

Below are quizzes for a few of the first sections from Stewart's Calculus: Concepts and Contexts 4th edition. We don't cover epsilon delta arguments so a few of the limit questions may seem a bit rudimentary, and in reality they are. I feel uncomfortable asking students to do a lot with limits since we don't cover what is 'really' going on. Then again can we teach it at this level?

Quiz 1 - Review - In this quiz I have them do a few things they should know how to do that are pre-skills for the course; finding the slope of a line, finding the equation of a line that goes through two points, and finding a parallel line.

Quiz 5 - Continuity -

Quiz 6 - Miscellaneous -

Quiz 8 - Definition of a Derivative -

If you have any feedback, or you use them in your class modified or not, please post a comment below! You can also email me at robert dot weston dot 82 at gmail dot com. Thank you for reading!

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