Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Worksheet Wednesday - Summer Statistics Surprise!

I hope your summer has been enlightening, relaxing, and/or lazy, whatever your preference may be. I've been focusing on two big events, planning and preparing for my wedding at the end of August, and teaching a summer Statistics night class. The former has been stressful, challenging, and rewarding... as has the later actually. I don't think students enjoyed the class much (summer, night, 8-week class), but I'm hoping they'll keep a few of the lessons in mind as they continue their academic careers.

To help you in your future Statistics classes (either as an instructor or a student) below are my In-Class Activities. Most of them are what I call 'call and response activities', where I usually gave these out during lecture, and in-between direct instruction, scaffolded examples, and discussions, I would have students complete a few of these questions. I would 'call' with doing a simple example, and they would 'respond' by doing a similar example. At the end of lecture they would then be responsible for completing them before the next test. I tended not to give makeups for these activities, as I would drop the lowest two.

MTH243 Statistics I - Activity 01 - 2.7 - Standard Deviation
MTH243 Statistics I - Activity 03 - 6.1-6.4 - Experiments
MTH243 Statistics I - Activity 04 - 7.1-7.3 - Empirical Probability
MTH243 Statistics I - Activity 05 - 7.4-7.5 - Theoretical Probability
MTH243 Statistics I - Activity 06 - 8.1-8.3 - Discrete and Continuous Variables
MTH243 Statistics I - Activity 07 - 8.4-8.6 - Normal Random Variables Activity
MTH243 Statistics I - Activity 08 - 9.1, 9.3 - Sampling Distributions
MTH243 Statistics I - Activity 09 - 9.10, 9.2 - Central Limit Theorem
MTH243 Statistics I - Activity 10 - 9.4, 9.6 - Applications of the Central Limit Theorem

If you do use them, feel free to share with me either through email or commenting below how the activity went.

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