Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Student Expectations

This term I've encountered some behavioral issues with a student in a class that is focused on group-work. It isn't a flipped classroom, but one where we struggle through questions in class and students are expected to work on them outside of class. I wasn't expecting to deal with behavioral issues this early in the term, but they have given me the opportunity to formalize some of my student expectations. This is the list I've come up with so far:

- Everyone should treat everyone in the classroom with respect.
- Everyone should come to class prepared to learn and teach.
- Everyone should come to class with a positive attitude about the material.
- Everyone should help the students in their group during group work.
- All questions should be asked in the spirit of learning and exploration of the topics.
- All answers should be provided to explain and educate.

- Everyone is capable of understanding, and answering each question.

That first one is something I've mulled over for a few years, and I think I have a good approach on now. If a student is not acting in good faith then they are acting, or saying things that aren't true. If that happens, how can I get accurate information from formal and informal assessments? I need to use those assessments to determine if students understand an idea or concept, and if not how to adjust and change my explanation, resources, tools, and materials.

My hope is that by talking about these expectations openly and honestly, I will address the behavior issues with this particular student, and also create a positive environment with everyone.

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