Monday, June 8, 2015

Reflections: Just like checking solutions, something else we don't do, but should.

Living time linearly it is sometimes hard to think back and remember how classes started. I always start with good intentions, like "I am going to return every piece of graded material back by the next class session." or "I will create a dynamic learner-centered classroom." or "Active Learning is my watchword." or some other well-intended but doomed to failure dictum. To help make these things a reality for myself, but also for my students, I'm starting to institute end-of-term reflections. My next few posts will explore two types of reflections I am using this term, how they started, and how they are working out this term.

  • Student Reflections - These have taken the form of a 1 point extra credit assignment after a student has completed their final. This short, 5 question assignment asks them to think about what they should have done this term, and what they will do next term. 
  • Course Reflections - After finishing a class I will write a page about what worked, what didn't work, and what to do next time. 
Stay tuned this week for my reflections... about reflections? (R-squared? R(R(x))?) And feel free to add your own!

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